deal, it’s what friends do. You want to do something, and you call your friends to see if they want to do anything. You’re caught up in your ego. It’s not like you’re begging if you’re just calling to see if they want to hang out.

2. Imagine reading a movie script. It may sound OK on paper, but what makes it great? When you bring it to life on the movie set. That’s how my conversations go. I bring them to life. I’m animated, expressive, I play games, etc.

For instance, last night, I was talking to two girls, I started talking about how stupid and typical men are, mocking the lines men use, animating it with my facial expressions and impressions, and then I finished that segment by pointing two of my fingers to my head like a gun, and animating my brains being blown out. They were laughing the entire time. Learn how to tell stories.

Hello Omari,

firstly I want to thank you for your articles I find them

wll-written, informative and with a zero-bullshit attitude that I truly appreciate.

I wrote to you for advice related with a women(what a surprise!). Well my situation is very common so I am sure you had found things like that eeither on you or in your friend plenty of times. I met a friend of a grilfriend's fiend about a year ago. However, shortly after the couple broke and I lose the contact with the girl. Around december I met her again and restablished contact, in january-february she rejected me but her maintained a minimal contact (joke emails and the like).

About one month ago I began to chat with her via messanger, 1-2 times weekly . In two occasions, she told me about gigs that her planned to attend and ask me if i was coming too. The two tames she told me without me asking and we have similar musical tastes so I was not going out of my way attending those events.

In the first occasion I were with a friend looking for other friends in the venue when I saw her. I found she was a bit cold but I dont feel unwelcome however it were a lot of noise and we had yet to found ur friends so after greeting her and exchange for our five phrases I left her to resume our search. After that I saw her about two times more but to talk to her I would had to get very out of my way, so I restrained myself. I dont saw her again those night.

The second time, was yesterday and was far worse. She told me about the gig and that she we arrive a bit late because she had to wait for a friend that came to visit her. I think you are already seeing the bullet coming .

I arrived with a friend couple later but I dont saw her and her friends until near the end of the gig. She was very warm and friendly towards me, so we stayed with her . After that. my friends left, so I went to a nearby bar when w meet more friends of her. In the bar, I saw what kind of visit she had so after chatting a while, I phoned a friend and left for another pub.

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